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A lot of educational institutions are facing major challenges. As speaker education Niek helps teachers, managers, executives and HR in this branch to deal with topics as happiness at work, dealing with change and remote work. Put differently Niek can teach you how taking a step back, can result in you taking your teaching a step forward.

Speaker education
What to expect

In an inspirational and thought-provoking way, Niek shows education-professionals how to take care of themselves in such a way they can take care of others. Because when the whole world seems to rely on you, who are you relying on?

During this talks and inspirational sessions Niek:

  • Shares the 4 areas of focus that will help you get more energy from your job again
  • Teaches you how to get more control in your job
  • How taking a step back can result in you taking your teaching a step forward
  • You will not only be inspired, but also activated
  • You will return home with enough practical tools to put the students second.

As keynote speaker associated with

You would hardly expect it, but Niek loves to be in the spotlight. Noted, only to share his inspirational story and messages with the world. Proudly, he spoke to big organisations such as Unilever, Hyundai, L’oreal, Maxwell Leadership, and Heiniken. Furthermore, Niek is often asked as a guest on TV-programmes, YouTube channels/videos and on podcasts.


Students second?
Yes, because education is all about you

Did you experience a sense of surprise, disbelief or even a slight form of aggression when you read the words ‘put the student second’? Perfect, then you’re just in the right place.

The education system asks a lot of you and your colleagues. You are a professional at heart, you are always on and constantly available for others. Colleagues and students can count on you. Teaching is the best job in the world, right? Or should we say: it could be the best job in the world?

Not surprisingly, because the education system is under pressure. There is a lot of dropouts, a high turnover, and workload and administration are only rising. The numbers don’t lie. In 2020 the percentage of burn-out complaints amongst teachers was 27.4%. That is far above the national average for all the jobs combined, being ‘only’ 17%. In 2021 sick leave rose with 77%(!). And the conditions under which you have to work becomes ever more challenging.

Change what you cannot accept, accept what you cannot change

Is your work in education draining your energy-tank? Don’t drive faster, go fill it up!

Is there a different way? Niek, as trainer and speaker education, firmly believes there is. If the fuel gauge signals your tank is empty, don’t drive faster. Go fill it up! It is important to stop every once in a while, to look where improvements can be made and to focus on what you can do for yourself.

During Niek’s inspirational talks, he will help you to rearrange your job in such a way you’ll feel it’s meaningful and gain more control. Because although sometimes it feels like work is slipping through your fingers or you just can’t oversee it anymore, there is always a way to find energy again. But it does start with you. Are you able to deal with change? Do you have enough resilience and do you possess sufficient personal leadership? As no other, Niek knows that if you can no longer change the circumstances, you can only change yourself.

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As speaker education Niek will get to work with you!

Becoming and staying resilient does require some practice and a new mindset. For more than 15 years Niek, as inspirational speaker resilience, has been advising Dutch and international businesses in leadership issues and in the field of change management.
Niek’s talks are high in energy, full of humour and are very interactive. All to make sure that the audience will be able to take the new inspiration back to work immediately. Book Niek as speaker education. Together we will get to work!

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As speaker, Niek would also like to inspire you about the next subjects

Besides speaker education, you’ll also find Niek on stage as speaker healthcare, customer-focus, resilience en leadership.

Mr. Featherforce?
Niek? Who?

In 2010 Niek’s life turns into a living hell, to put it mildly. On July, 16th he crashes his motorcycle and suffers a spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Plus something extra: he has a syrinx, a cavity within the spinal cord that continuously threatens the body parts that do still work. According to Niek, paraplegia and a syrinx are the perfect combination for only the toughest guys. But as long as you can live with it, you’d better do so, he says. And in that case, you’d better do it good. Accepting his accident, Niek now feels the spinal cord injury changed his life for the better. He met the love of his life, is proud dad of three beautiful daughters and by helping others, he gained a sense of purpose.

Niek pitiful? Heck, no! With unstoppable energy Niek knows how to transform his suffering to something else: resilience. Mr. Featherforce was born! The heavy pains in the morning are still there, as well as the 37 pills per day, but he knows how to transform a terrible event into love, courage, perseverance, humor and success. Niek helps and inspires a wide variety of audiences in topics as customer-focus, leadership and dealing with change for more than 12 years already.

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As speaker resilience Niek gave inspirational talks for a wide variety of organisations and at big events. His clients are happy to share their experiences about this stage animal.

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Speaker • Resilience • Customer focus • Healthcare • Education • Inspirational • Motivational • Speaker • Keynote • Crash •