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Niek tells you his story. Pure, raw and laced with humor. He is a popular speaker in topics as resilience, healthcare, leadership and inspiration and presents globally at 100+ (business)events per year.

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Niek’s autobiographical, inspirational and activating talks are about resilience, healthcare, leadership, customer focus and inspiration. Topics with which he had a lot to do with, carried out research in and can talk with passion, humor and emotion about. As a speaker, Niek knows to touch his audience as no other, creating awareness, giving practical tools, all while he is not afraid to use some self-mockery to bring essential matters to light.





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You would hardly expect it, but Niek loves to be in the spotlight. Noted, only to share his inspirational story and messages with the world. Proudly, he spoke to big organisations such as Unilever, Hyundai, L’oreal, Maxwell Leadership, and Heiniken. Furthermore, Niek is often asked as a guest on TV-programmes, YouTube channels/videos and on podcasts.


Mr. Featherforce?
Niek? Who?

In 2010 Niek’s life turns into a living hell, to put it mildly. On July, 16th he crashes his motorcycle and suffers a spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Plus something extra: he has a syrinx, a cavity within the spinal cord that continuously threatens the body parts that do still work. According to Niek, paraplegia and a syrinx are the perfect combination for only the toughest guys. But as long as you can live with it, you’d better do so, he says. And in that case, you’d better do it good. Accepting his accident, Niek now feels the spinal cord injury changed his life for the better. He met the love of his life, is proud dad of three beautiful daughters and by helping others, he gained a sense of purpose.

Niek pitiful? Heck, no! With unstoppable energy Niek knows how to transform his suffering to something else: resilience. Mr. Featherforce was born! The heavy pains in the morning are still there, as well as the 37 pills per day, but he knows how to transform a terrible event into love, courage, perseverance, humor and success. Niek helps and inspires a wide variety of audiences in topics as customer-focus, leadership and dealing with change for more than 12 years already.

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Niek loves to be on stage as Keynote speaker resilience, but he is also very successful in writing about both this topic and topics such as healthcare, leadership, customer-focus and inspiration. As best-selling author, he sold over 50.000 copies already. And there is so much more to tell, so much more to come!

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This is not just another story about someone who gets into a single-vehicle accident and sees the light. This is Niek’s story. An autobiographical story with a recalcitrant view on reality. A story about love, pain, dead sperm, power, a puppy, inclusivity, perseverance, humor and success. About the fact that 90% of your body is not functioning anymore, while the remaining functional 10% could stop every single moment and you have to take pills every day to endure the pain.
You can also marry, become a father, blog, speak, train and become a coach. Niek chose the latter and shows you a piece of resilience you have not seen before.


I make people resilient and organisations agile, so they stay worthy in a world which is worth living on.

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As speaker resilience Niek gave inspirational talks for a wide variety of organisations and at big events. His clients are happy to share their experiences about this stage animal.

Speaker • Resilience • Customer focus • Healthcare • Education • Inspirational • Motivational • Speaker • Keynote • Crash •  

Speaker • Resilience • Customer focus • Healthcare • Education • Inspirational • Motivational • Speaker • Keynote • Crash •